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Name of Project: Marlboro
Casting Director: Faith Hibbs-Clark, CSA
Type of Project: Print shoot for web
Production union status: Non-union
Audition Date/Time span:  N/A casting from photos
Shoot Dates: November 28th – December 2nd
Shoot Location: various towns in New Mexico
Pay rate: $500 per day for principals and $200 per day for extras plus 20% agency fee, $50 to $100 for vehicle use, mileage for vehicle use, per diem, and overnight accommodations if needed
Usage:  Print for web
Conflicts/Exclusivity- other cigarette ads
Ages 25-35 male and females with the following vehicles.  All races, open ethnicity, all genders, tattoos, piercings are all ok.  Motorcycle riders, dirt bike riders (street legal and racing), low rider owners (particularly pickup truck low riders), hoppers, muscle car owners, ATV riders, some stunt riders (wheelies, standing on bike) majority needed will be just riders. We need 50 people total.  Not everyone will work all days.  Most people will work only 1 day.  No experience in acting needed.  Do not need to be union or have an agent.
Vehicle types wanted with the talent:
Dirt bikes, cafe racers, vintage bikes, rat bikes, generic racing style bikes (think ninja, suzuki) ( no big Harley V-Twins styles) the more customized, the better (fairings removed, stickers, custom paint job, seats, etc)
Also need some ATV riders ( driving down the street as well as in the sand)
low rider Hoppers and bombers, low rider pickup trucks
muscle cars (sweet spot is 1966-1974 body styles) NO EXPENSIVE SHOW CARS, think daily riders,  that the driver uses everyday, and doesn’t mind doing donuts in a parking lot.  tricked out, customized cars are all ok as well
This casting is a picture casting only.  Please send an email with a photo of you with your vehicle.  If you have multiple vehicles that fit the specs please take a photo of yourself with each vehicle and describe each vehicle in your notes. The photo should be full body and we should be able to see your face.  No helmet, hats or sunglasses.  No other people in the photo.  Please also include the following information:


City, State, Zip:
Agent name and info if represented
Are you a member of SAGAFTRA?
Year, make, model of vehicle in picture.
What makes this vehicle special?
How did you hear about this casting?
Do you have a motorcycle license?
Are you a smoker? (smoking is not required, production would never require a non-smoker to smoke)
Do they have a trailer to tow their bikes, or car?
Are they comfortable driving the car during location moves, or should we have it towed each time
Are the low riders hoppers, or bombers?
Do the motorcycle riders and ATV rider perform any stunts (wheelies, racing, burnouts, donuts, etc..  Nothing crazy
If cast as extra are they ok with $200/day?
Do you have any tattoos or piercings? If yes, describe
ATVs: for street and possible off road shots
They WANT NO ALL RED CARS, BIKES ETC.  A little bit of red is ok, but if all that person has is a red car or red bike, don’t even bother.  In general, client prefers blue, green, purple, black vehicles.
Deadline for submissions are Nov 10th but those who submit early will have an advantage so don’t wait.
Send your submission to
If you have questions please address them in an email rather than calling our office.  No phone calls or text messages please.
NOTE: If you are represented by an agent in New Mexico, we will coordinate your involvement with your agent but you should submit directly to us since they don’t have information or pictures of your vehicles.
*Casting breakdowns are for casting purposes only and should not be considered a legally binding offer.  It is the responsibility of the talent agent or talent to confirm booking information prior to accepting the job. Production release forms are available in advance of shoot, when available, but only upon request.
* Information contained in this email is confidential. If reposting this casting notice, please post or share in its entirety


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